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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I Am Back and I Am Blessed

Where has Bob been?

I will get to all of that in this post but first want to thank those that were concerned and reached out.  I also am still amazed as this blog continues to find its way into the lives of people around the world.  I hope the material is / has helped someone to reach my level of success with my journey or even just helped them accept that being a diabetic is not a a hopeless state to be.

Morning fasting Blood Sugar levels:

02/10/2014 - 155
02/11/2014 - 116
02/12/2014 - 133

Yes that is horrible but when you find out what I have been up to I am good with these and actually shocked they might be this low.

Where was I?

My wife and I try to take Christmas and spend it with her aging parents in Florida.  She goes down there 4-5 times a year but Christmas is my time to go and spend a couple of weeks.  This year, I am on a contract that allows me to work remotely so I decided to take an extended time in Florida and try to rebuild my batteries as I was getting ready for some heavy work schedules coming in February.

During this time, I was going to put out a few posts but my machine at home shut down with a power outage and I had no access to my pc.  I have a laptop for my contract I am on hat machine but the machine belongs to my client and I can only do things back on the local servers when using their pc.  I can use the browser and log into my pc at home remotely but when it is not one it does not work.

So I apologize for no posts or contacts.

Why am I okay with my numbers being so high

When I went to Florida I thought what a good time to analyze my body and run some tests regarding my diabetes.  I am still a diabetic and have some solid proof that it is not cured, but I can put it under control.  I also bought a new book that has some great information regarding natural methods for controlling diabetes.  Many of the things I have been doing are in the book.  The book is Miracles From The Vault, Anthology of Underground Cures.  It is fascinating to learn of the science studies that have been conducted and have proven there are some natural cures out there for diabetes, cancer, joint ailments, and many other diseases.

I am cautioned about the word cures for diabetes but do understand what it means to remove cancer and be cured.  I will share this information in a series of blogs along the way.

Back to my tests.  I was going to be out around 6 weeks so thought I would see what thing appears to be the one thing that holds my BG level in check - not to hold you in suspense but I am convinced it is the supplements.

Test One - Remove Regimented Exercise

When I started my exercise program I had already dropped my BG level.  I have always suspected that exercise is more about life style and long term health.  DO NOT GET ME WRONG - EXERCISE IS A MUST.  So keep up the exercise for your mind, body, and soul.  However, when I was in Florida and did not exercise - my BG levels did not change much.  One could argue it was the first week and the long term effects were still in place.  I think it is my return that is convincing.

Test Two - Remove diet concerns and add back exercise

I stopped my green drink, stayed with the supplements, and added in a couple of trips to the YMCA but more importantly I took up Hot Yoga or went a few times.  It is AWESOME and I plan on adding it to my program back in Nashville at some point in time.  Once again during this phase my BG levels did not change much.  So now I was eating normal food, things I would stay away from in my former life.  What was changing was my weight.  Not a big surprise, but exercise was not helping that much with keeping my weight down.  Yup I did gain 10 pounds over the 8 weeks I was gone - ouch will take the same time to get it back off.

Interesting thing, I am now at the same place I was back in September when I had my first doctor visit and was at  187 pounds and A1c was 6.4 with Fasting Blood Sugar levels about what they have been the past two days.

So is diet important - yes it is and the series I will finish on meal planning, I think the key is meal planning not diet.  I am a big fan of what my Dad taught me - "If you do not stand for something - you will fall for everything."  I think when you are not planning your meals and watching your food intake - you will random buy and intake bad food.

Test Three - all bets off and have a good time, no supplements, no exercise, but I was cautious on food intake

Needless to say my BG level shot up.  I did have a scoop of ice cream each and every day for the second week.  I am sure that is the major contributor to the 10 pounds.

So why do I think it is the reduction of the supplements that was the real tool.  When I returned home on Sunday I started taking the supplements again and have only had one chance to go exercise and my BG levels are starting to come back down.  Please keep in mind, when I discuss my supplement regiment, I am including my green drink and the power foods I put into the drink.

I think a good supplement program is important in controlling our diabetes.  This is all I did originally when I started to lose weight and also drop my BG level.  After this trip - I am even more convinced of it.

The book I mentioned also confirms this with some good science to back up why.

I am not saying drop your medicines and go to supplements.  I am saying it is going to be the long term brick I keep in my foundation of fighting this disease.  I would encourage you to talk to your doctor about a good supplement program.

Why am I blessed - I am a diabetic?

Most of you know I do not feel that way.  Yes, I am a diabetic but to me this is so small when put it up against those wounded warriors, people with no jobs, no medical insurance, other severe health problems, and so many other life situations.  So I have diabetes, I guess it is my small cross to bear but I do have so many other blessings.

My dog had surgery to remove cancer before I left.  We could not leave before Christmas because he had a severe infection and had to go back into the hospital.  When this happened, my son changed his plans and rode with us to Florida, so I got two days in a car with him.  See, one small thing with my dog gave me a day with my son - what a blessing

 My father-in-law was placed in the hospital twice while I was in Florida.  He is okay and had some minor issues.  But through the process I think he continues to learn of the value of his eating habits and taking care of Mom.

My mother-in-law had to have some deep facial cancer removed.  She is okay but it was hard to see such a loving face cut and left with a scar.  She is 84 years old, double stroke patient, and suffers so many things but she still has the soft looking skin of a 60 year old.  She looks great - so when they cut her face it was a shocker.  However, she did not appear to mind as much as she was excited to get the cancer removed.  I think her state of mind that we sometimes get frustrated with was a small blessing to help her accept the surgery.

I have my own business and have had my ups and downs in this bad economy.  While in Florida, I had to work to keep my current contract requirements completed and to complete proposals for two more opportunities.  God must have been on my shoulders as I landed both of those contracts and they will be good long term revenue for the company.

I had one week of time with my wife in a quiet little community, Cedar Key, in Florida.  Our hotel room faced west and we saw some of the best sun sets.  The entire week was a blessing to get that much time with my wife - she is so much fin to be with and times like this make me wish I had more time with her.

God, I want to thank you for the people you have placed in my life and the blessing they bring.  I am also grateful for your support in landing the new contracts.  But most importantly, the week you gave me with my wife and the times we shared are priceless and I thank you for that time.  


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