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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Where is Bob?


I must apologize and I will update everyone in another week.

My home machine was corrupted and I could not get to it or my blog.

I am now going to be on vacation until February 9th and will not have my PC with me.

I really appreciate everyone's reaching out and sorry I could not get back to you.

Give me one more week and I will be back.

Things are good with me and going extremely well.

I miss all of you and hope God has been taking care of you during this past month.

May God watch over all of us for the next week but I ask God to grant me a quiet week to regenerate as this past month has been extremely stressful but good. 



  1. Bob, enjoy your time away from the stresses of life. It was great to hear from you and my heart was filled with joy to know you were doing well during this time of isolation from your friends in the internet world.

    Looking forward to hearing from you when you are rested and revived.


  2. Marty,

    I truly enjoyed it but I did miss everyone.


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