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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Going Natural - Part 1

Myth, Mystery, Truth, or Money Grab?

Many of you can tell by my post I am a big fan of doing things the natural way and it has worked for me to a degree.  However, I do it with a lot of research and using some of the products myself.  In this series, I want to explore some of these natural methods to help us control our blood sugar levels and some of the good and bad with the products on the market.

Before getting into that, there has been much going on in my life and I just want you to know that I am in the middle of a struggle to get myself back to my blood sugar control of 4 months ago but I am trying to be a balancer of life and health - not easy and I want you all to know - taking medicines would be easy but they scare me as much as having an elevated blood sugar level.  I am not going to go through everything - just know that I need your support and prayers at this time to bring me strength.

Before going on, we have added many new readers to this blog and again I am blessed you are all here and want to say thank you and welcome.  I am also getting more and more comments and people reaching out to me.  I also want to thank you for that as I want this blog to be my journey but to share with you and hope it helps someone.  We have added readers from Romania, Portugal, Brazil, France, and Spain.  Welcome to all the new readers and you can register to be notified of new posts by putting in your email address - no one uses it and for sure I do not.  Many have reached out and have exchanged emails so we can have conversations and my email address is  Please feel free to reach out for private questions or things you want to say.

If you follow the comments people post you will find out our little group has lost one of those individuals we have been praying for - Dora.  She is a diabetic who lost the battle to this horrible disease but since she was suffering and had lost her legs, I know she is in a much better place and is in a place where there is no more suffering.  I am truly happy for her, but sad as we have lost one of loved sisters.  Along with Dora, who was in a nursing home,  the nursing home also lost one of the care givers to this disease along with the flu.  One of the care givers contracted the flu - went home and had a low and collapsed into a coma and did not recover.  In other words, a young person who was a type 1 diabetic, contracted the flu, and lost their life because the flu illness drove him to a low so significant, he collapsed and died.  We pray for him being in a more blessed place as well and saddened that he went as such an early age.

I also ask that you continue to pray for the passengers of MH370 and that soon and very soon we can solve that mystery.  Please keep these people in your prayers.

Natural Products 

Let me put this in a few simple statements that might outline our dilemma  and what I believe us diabetics must face:

  1. We must trust our doctors with our health
  2. Most medical doctors do not know alternative medicines and approaches
  3. In the USA, a doctor can be sued for not following traditional medical approaches - so they do not take any risks leaving the risks to us
  4. Big pharmaceutical companies makes billions off us diabetics - if you think not - look at the stripswe use each day and if you are lucky they are 35 cents per strip - making those items is less than 2 cents.  Want to read more about this market - 
  5.  Natural products are not regulated by the FDA - buyer beware
  6. Outside the United States, other countries participate in monitoring research around alternative approaches and natural products
So for the majority of us it boils down to "Who can we trust?"  The answer is those close to us and those who have tried certain products with success.  That is why I write this blog - maybe a little help from someone who has tried the products.

In this series I will unveil those products and the companies that appear to deliver sold products.

I will also share sources of information that I have not tried and they might not work as well.  However, that does not mean they will not work.  One thing I am sure of in my research - there are many vultures out there will to prey on our bodies, fears, and our disease management program.

I have shared a lot regarding books about drugs and why I changed my course of action.  I will share other articles and information from those I am also learning to trust.  I will leave the rest up to you to decide.

I do caution you that in this series and approach - please read and also make sure you pay attention to my series on listening to your body and testing.  I also encourage you to listen to your doctor and have a good conversation with them if you are going to try something new.

We will discover everyone's claim that they can reverse diabetes and I am not sure what that means - especially now and in the current situation I find myself.  I will also talk about products that help curb our sweat tooth, help our bodies process better, and some research by these natural Doctor's, and yes they are also doctors but practice a different form of disease management.

God, please be with us through this series and help us to discover the truth about our disease and some of the natural methods you gave us in the very beginning to help with this disease.



  1. That is why I write this blog - maybe a little help from someone who has tried the products.home remedies log

  2. I am not going to go through everything - just know that I need your support and prayers at this time to bring me strength.castor oil for hair growth

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