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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Faces Of Diabetes

I stepped out today to step on diabetes

BS  - 111 this morning before going to the Diabetes Step out walk.  I had some really good Mexican food last night - wife come home and I wanted to celebrate.

Each year the American Diabetes Association holds a fundraiser in communities called Step Out.  The step out is a walk to raise funds to fight this disease.  This was my first year of doing this and it was awesome.

I thought it would be good to share some of the faces there and let them speak for themselves and how much this means to us diabetics.  I am not a professional writer as you can tell from these posts and I am also not a professional photographer - but what the heck here - goes.

RED Strider

People like myself who walk and also have diabetes - we are the honored
guests.  Yep that is me in my nice red strider shirt.

Eleven year old Type 1 Diabetic explaining what it is like to be a child living with diabetes and the technology that has helped make her life better.  She too is a RED Strider and God bless her courage.

People who care

These are just the hundreds that show up who do not have diabetes but it has touched their lives and they walk to support us.  God bless them for caring about all of us.


Those that sponsor the event

Those that entertained us

May God bless those who care for us diabetics and who had the courage to step out today in our honor and for us.  May he grant those who can help find a cure with this money the courage and knowledge to do so!



  1. Hi Bob! Great pictorial of your day and I am sure you learned more about diabetes along with a snazzy red shirt to boot....LOL

    Since it is Sunday, I thought I would give you an update on Dora. First, we talked to day of your thoughtfulness, blessings and prayers for her. She had tears in her eyes as we spoke. She says that the almighty God is who can help her now and very much appreciates your prayers and caring for a person you do not even know. On the bright side, she dug about in her small pink zippered purse and produced her next appointment card to see her doctor at the hospital.....she was finally sent....hooray! Her return appointment is on November 18 for more labs and to see the doctor as well. She said she was feeling better and apparently her stumps are showing some healing. So keep the prayers going and I will also. I thought you might like hearing the better news today! She sent you some hugs by way of me......big hugs from Dora!


    1. Marty,

      That is great news about Dora and thanks for sharing. I love to hear from people who are devastated beyond anything I can understand and yet they still look to God for help.

      She is an amazing individual and so are you for being a friend.

      Send back the hugs and add some kisses if you will.

      God bless you both.



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