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Saturday, November 16, 2013

I Never Have Hunger Pains

I been that way my entire life

First of all, I want to apologize to all my readers for taking a few days off.  I own my own business and have been extremely busy trying to close some deals.  Anyway - my apologies and hope to get back to the blogging on a regular basis.

For those of you who reached out to see how I am doing - I truly appreciate your concerns.

I do ask that you continue to pray for our friends in the Pacific Rim who have had major storms and many deaths along with the devastation.

I also ask that you pray for the millions of Americans who have lost their health care coverage due to this new law.  I do not dare what side of the political aisle you are on, people in this great nation not having health care coverage is simply ridiculous.  Please pray that our leaders can get their heads out of the anus and make it all work!  I can say all of that because this blog is about our bodies and bodily functions!

As I mentioned I have been busy and the not eating has always been a problem of mine.  So I will let you know what the last three days of readings have been and why this blasted disease is such a problem.

Thursday - 11/14 - BS - 77
Friday - 11/15 - BS - 112
Saturday - 11/16 - BS - 102

Is that not crazy, and what causes this to happen?  Well, as I have said many times - each of us are different and this disease impacts us in many different ways.

I have truly never had a hunger pain in my life and my body does not tell me when it is hungry, like other people's do.  So in the middle of all of this work stress, Kathy and I attended one of our bible study groups on Wednesday.  Around 7:30 (after eating at noon and nothing else all day), my stomach started to growl and both of us were shocked.  Neither of us has ever heard my stomach growl.  So we talked about it coming home and laughed but also discussed it on a serious basis.

So, like always, I thought instead of saying, "I have never had a hunger pain.".  I should look into it and see if there is a reason.  Since my doctors have always said my diabetes come from starving my body of what it needs - maybe I should find out.

What is a hunger pain?

Also known as hunger pangs, hunger pains are feelings of discomfort deep in the stomach. A hunger pain is often a low-grade discomfort that is just strong enough to notice. However, some people do experience hunger pains that are somewhat sharp and intermittent. There are several reasons why an individual may experience stomach hunger pain from time to time.

The most common origin of hunger pains is the fact that the individual has not consumed food or drink for an extended period of time. Muscle contractions begin to occur when the stomach has been empty for several hours. As the contractions take place, the sensation may be somewhat unpleasant and interpreted as painful. When this is the reason behind the hunger pains, a quick snack is usually sufficient to eliminate the discomfort.

So I guess I have been lucky I have never felt one of these.  My stomach growling for the first time did not hurt, but I am assuming that was my body's way of letting me know it needed something.

Before going on, when I am running low on my sugar level, I will start sweat, and I mean a lot.  I can turn a dry shirt into an old wet mop in a hurry.  I will start to feel light headed, and I will feel weak.  Now I have felt that many times before and that tells me time to add a few carbohydrates in the body.  On Monday, I think I will talk about carbohydrates and why they are important.

So am I lucky in not having pains?

What could my body be telling me?

People who tend to suffer with low blood sugar may experience hunger pains when glucose levels begin to drop. The lack of a proper amount of glucose in the blood causes the stomach contractions to commence. Usually, the contractions are mild at first, but become increasingly stronger until the individual consumes something that provides the right type of carbohydrates to restore a safe glucose level.

Another possibility is that the stomach hunger pains have nothing to do with being hungry or experiencing a drop in blood glucose levels. The pain may be caused by some gastrointestinal disorder that is in the early stages. While the sensation is similar to that of plain old hunger pains, consuming food and drink does not make the discomfort go away. When this is the case, it is important to seek medical attention immediately. Often, gastrointestinal disorders can be isolated and treated quickly if caught early.

Women who are currently pregnant may also experience hunger pains related to their condition. Pregnancy hunger pains may occur due to the shifting of the baby, causing pressure on the stomach muscles. There is also a chance that the mother is not ingesting the proper amount of nutrients to adequately nourish both the child and her body. In most cases, consuming foods that are high in nutritional content will easy the pains quickly.

Last time I checked I was not pregnant but I thought it might be good to add that in anyway.  Sarah, my daughter, does tease me from time to time that she really does think I delivered a baby in the past two months with my big ole' stomach going away.  But I can assure her I did not deliver a baby and I can assure you I am not pregnant.  If I was, I would be off enjoying my millions!

What should I be doing?

While in most cases, hunger pangs are simply the body’s way of indicating it is time to eat and drink, the presence of constant hunger pains could be a sign of something more severe. Regardless of age or gender, a qualified physician should investigate frequent abdominal pain hunger that does not seem to be satisfied with a normal diet.

Remember I do not have these at all!

It might be something to do with my stomach – say, too much acid or an infection or something.

It might be something else entirely – my hormonal system for example. Or it might be a psychological problem.

It is an important problem to understand and the best thing I can do is get myself checked by my doctor.

You see, what might seem normal to you as a diabetic, may in reality not be a normal function of the body for other people.  Explore your normalities and see if they are really abnormal for a normal functioning body.


It has taken me 60 years to figure this out - do not wait around - monitor and observe everything.  I may have something wrong and would have been nice to figure it out when I was younger.

May God help us to listen to our bodies, even when they are silent, they are still speaking to us.  May he grant us the ability to listen with all of our senses.  May he also give us the courage to step forth and discuss our issues with our family, our friends, and our medical professional team.  May he grant us the wisdom to research and learn what our bodies need.



  1. Bob...excuses for not eating are not an excuse at not let your body go without food for longer than 4 hours at the most. Keeping hydrated is even more important or just as much. It is not the purpose to just have lower blood glucose, but steadier as well. Get with it my friend or I will report you to the blood glucose fairy....she will not be happy with you.....LOL Now what is your wife's email address just in case I need to report you? hehe

    Have a wonderful Sunday Bob. God Bless you.


    1. Marty,

      I agree 100% and point is this no hunger pain syndrome allows me to forget. Not an excuse - just reality.

      I do drink a lot of water - or normal amounts.

      BG fairy already got me I think.

      God Bless you and thanks for the feedback.


  2. Bob,

    The lows scare me so badly when Gabby has them as he becomes completely debilitated and cannot function to even take care of himself. He had one not too long ago that would not register on his meter. We are together most of the time, but I worry every time he leaves home alone. I also saw the effects of my father almost going into a coma several times. I was just a kid, but I knew how to treat lows even then. They are something I fear more than high blood glucose. Guess you need to have a kitchen timer to beep beep beep at you....LOL

    Had a good visit at the nursing home today. Dora sends her love and was on here way to the dining room for some good gospel music when I left today. Evelyn Mebane, a very spry 97 year old was being a handful today as was my mama....LOL I fed my mama peach yogurt and sang some old songs with Evelyn and another new selection was Swing Low Sweet Chariot. Everyone calmed down and the CNA's were all smiling and relieved with a little outside entertainment (or maybe because I cannot carry a tune...LOL). I went outside to find some of my other buddies, arriving just in time to put out the fire on Robert's pants....too windy to be smoking. Poor AJ who is only in his 30s but has only the use of a few fingers and can move his head a bit was beside himself and yelling for me to come help. I need some extra help here with some more prayers for Kathy, another resident who just lost her 23 year old son about a week ago due to a car wreck. Bob, she is in pretty bad shape mentally right now, he was her only child and she is not married with a spouse to lean on.

    Thanks for reading my comments, sometimes it helps me to share with you as well.


    1. Marty,

      Away from my computer all weekend - what a firestorm.

      Sounds like Down Home Sunday - great songs to sing.

      I too am afraid of the lows and carry some glucose pills (sugar mainly) when I walk as I have had them on the walks. I have had them on the middle of a train in London and lucky they had food. They scare me as well and that is probably why I will fight to stay away from medicines and let my body do most of the work.

      My wife bought me a watch that has 4 alarms on it - but then I can never hear them going off - hard to be a diabetic and hard of hearing at the same time LOL.

      My love to Dora and all of the others you are so nice to go see.

      I will add them to my prayer chain and also mention them in the Sunday Post - still have to write it today.



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