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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Chromium - Nice Supplement For Weight Loss

Chromium Picolinate - Why I believe It Must Work

Thank all of you for your comments, support, and reading this blog.  I have but one request, leave some comments, let's get the conversation rolling.  All of us can learn as a community and that is my dream.  Tell me your story and we can add it to the blog, tell me if I am crazy (I already know that), or just ask questions as it will help drive what you want to hear.

Today's Blood Sugar - fasting was 117 (Impressive after last night's experiment)
Blood Pressure - 97/59 (on my home machine) - too low.  I officially stopped my high blood pressure medicine today.
Heart Beat 51

Before getting into the nasty little secret nobody wants you to know about.  I thought I would share a little experiment I am running - what foods really do impact my blood sugars in a negative way.  You see, if I am going to do all of this, then I thought maybe I should be able to enjoy an occasional normal meal; reward myself.  Or, being a good ole' Iowa boy - have a nice scoop of ice cream.  Small dream!

I tried Mexican food two weeks ago and again last night.  Both times before I went to eat my BS was at 100+.  Two weeks ago my sugar levels rose to 135 two hours after eating and I did not count my chips.  Last night my BS went to 197 - can you say ouch!!!!  Better than when I was on medicine but still too high.

It proves one thing, this disease is difficult and demonstrates, it might not just be the food, but how it is prepared.  That is another research I am on.  But for now - it does prove we diabetics need to know our body chemistry and it is  OUR RESPONSIBILITY - not the doctor.

Anyway, as promised, today I just want to talk about why I started the CP after reading about it in the books.  The books did not really get me going, I did a little research of my own.  WIKI is always a good start.  I thought it strange that I found reviews that I would say are not favorable; even to the point the UK Government banded CP but brought it back under watch.  Having lived in London for 5 years - I actually thought it must work if the medical community and the UK government say it is not good.

So I went to another source Alternative Medicines and found some good and some bad reviews.  But for the bad there was an offsetting good.  So I continued my reading and research - trying to discover who was behind all of these studies and who funded them.  Not an easy task and often the true funding source of the study is so deeply hidden that we might never know.

As I said in the beginning, I had decided to trust God in all my decisions.  I went to Walmart to look into CP and started noticing how many pills we could take that had a miracle element that controlled sugar levels and help reduced belly fat.  WOW!!!  I am in, think I will get one of these - if it carries Walmart's brand it must be good.  Walmart is not the only store - but they are who I went to.  Then I turned the bottle around to the back and looked at the ingredients; as all diabetics do and what did I find - Chromium and caffeine. 

Now my curiosity was running high - why have I not heard of this wonder element after 13 years of diabetes.  Surely one doctor would have told me it has been proven to help.  At that point I was sold - when the commercial world is willing to sell it over the counter and give it a new name - must work.  God gave me what I needed - go for it.

As the research books pointed out - do about 600 mcg a day not the 200 mcg recommended for you daily intake.  I took a 200 mcg tablet three times a day to balance it out.  Like I said, two weeks later the BS was dropping, the weight started coming off and the belly fat was going away.  It was like a great shot of encouragement that I could slow this nasty disease and its effects down. I truly felt I was going to reach goal number 1.

One last evidence that CP is so commercially sold under different names, that when my wife and I went to the Senior Health Fair today - there were all kinds of stands selling a high powered pill that reduced weight, belly fat, and lowered blood sugars.  Yup, you guessed the main ingredient.

Before starting, please talk to your doctor.  Mine asked me if I thought it would help him reduce his belly fat.  I told him, it worked for me - that is all I can say.

In tomorrows blog, I will give you and idea of my daily lifestyle menu, supplements, and  exercise.

God bless each and everyone of you and may you journey start off successfully.  Like so many afflictions, we are diabetics and this is a life style change and journey - not a sprint to the end.


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