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Saturday, September 28, 2013

God - The Best Pharmacist

God's Pharmacy - Cinnamon and Chromium Picolinate

Today's fasting blood sugar was 128
Today's blood pressure was 108/67 (low for home machine) and heart beat was 55
All signs are good.  As I mentioned, I am one of those that suffer from a high fasting sugar level.  Soon and very soon I will start to experiment and do some research if I can improve that situation.  For now I am extremely happy at 128 as it is still lower than when I was on medication.

I have never been one to believe in natural cures, supplements, or even drugs for that matter.  I grew up with a Mom that did not believe in drugs.  Over time, I developed my own theories about how good One-a-Day vitamins were and how they could not replace natural foods.  Little did I know that natural foods here in the States are not so natural.  My travels around the world opened my eyes.  Being a farm boy, everything come out of the ground as I could remember.

So far I have shared two angels in my life and now I will introduce 3 and 4; Brian my son and his beautiful wife Lydia.  Four years ago they got married and shortly after that, Brian received an internship at ECHO - World Hunger Organization.  We helped Brian and Lydia move and that gave us the opportunity to take a tour of the place.  I was literal blown away by the power pharmacy in God's back yard.  The whole experience is way too much for this blog so I encourage you to visit and make donations.

Lydia is a very special and a talented individual.  She is book smart, spiritual, has common sense, and she has a Masters in International Health.  She has served Haiti and its needs for many years.  So when Brian got the call to serve at ECHO, she was naturally excited and while there, took a job in the book store.  She has helped our family understand nutrition and helped me become a believer that this could work.  However, I still believed it was for the other guy and not for me.

Now between the visit, and Lydia being in the book store, and Brian learning about all kinds of magical plants, food, and how to build an echo system, I started to believe that God in all his wisdom would have known our bodies need certain minerals and vitamins to stay healthy - of course he would create them.  

The book story had a book, Encyclopedia of Healing Foods, that we purchased.  Naturally I was curious regarding diabetes and what plants would help.   I was excited to open the book and start to take these miracle cures.  I was disappointed and surprised as there was only one item listed - cinnamon.  Yep, that stuff you like to dump on top your coffee, toast, and add to cookies is a natural fighter of diabetes.  I immediately added that to my normal daily intake.  Little did I know, for diabetes, you might want to add more.

How did all of this help me.  Six months ago when I got the call from my angel Sarah and started my research, I was more open to read about natural products and supplements.  I felt if God had produced all of these wonderful natural foods, then some where along the line, someone was given the ability to turn them into something healthy for me.

I purchased 3 different books that looked interesting and could maybe help reverse diabetes.  After all, they were bragging they could reverse it in 14 days - who wouldn't want that magical pill!  Remember my first goal, slow it down and turn it back - not reverse it.  So I figured, even if they overstate their products ability, like cinnamon, there must be other things to help.

I triangulated the three sources and decided to start with the items they all agreed upon.  Cinnamon was one of those items so I now had 4 sources voting for that.  Turns out I was not taking enough.  I have increased my daily intake of cinnamon to 3,000 mg and just take tablets.  We must remember when the government provides us daily recommended levels - they are just guidelines and for normal people. 

Chromium Picolinate was the magic bullet each of the sources listed next to cinnamon.  My next blog I will discuss this in detail.  But I added 600 mcg of this supplement to my daily intake and within days my blood sugar levels started dropping and weight followed two weeks later.  When I started experiencing sugar lows in the 50s and 60s I cut back on my 2 MG of Glimepiride.  I guess these people trying to reverse my diabetes were serious - not just selling books.

Warning - if you do start with Chromium - make sure you are testing before each meal and maybe add 3 more times.  Please monitor your levels closely.  Do not do this without your doctor as I did - include them

The next blog I will go into more on Chromium Picolinate, how it worked for me, and how I know it to be true when I watch advertisements on TV.

For now, God bless you and may your journey start soon and end in a success.  


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  1. This was really an interesting topic and I kinda agree with what you have mentioned here! Raul


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