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Friday, September 27, 2013

Planning the Road Trip

Get Ready For The Journey.

This morning my fasting blood sugars were 118 (just about my best number in 15 years) and my blood pressure was 124/74 on my home machine.  My home machine calibrated at 134/80 when the VA had 110/70.  So it was down this morning.

To get ready for any journey one must prepare.  I did three things to prepare for the journey:

1. Established goals and objectives - where do you want the journey to go.  Being a veteran, I can use MyHealthyVet portal and it has some decent tools - not great but better than nothing.  My goals were very simple; reverse the tend of increasing A1C, do some research, get to know my body, and prepare my self to play in the Sr. Olympics this year - that was to be my reward.

For each of these I had 3-4 activities I could track and measure and look at my progress weekly.  For instance, on my research I wanted to obtain multiple sources, review the sources, compare notes, and look for common ground among all sources.

2.  Prepare my self for all kinds of twists and turns.  I knew that I had tried many things in the past and wanted this to be different and to have a positive outcome.  Some of my preparation was to do some sole searching and make myself understand - I really am a Diabetic going the wrong direction.  By accepting my disease, I know longer put it in the closet.  I brought it out for all to see and for me to monitor.

3.  Bring along a guide to help during some of the trouble spots.  For me, that was easy as I was turning it over to God and would trust his guidance.  No matter what I was thinking or doing - he would be the guide.  You might think that sounds a little crazy to just trust 100% over doctors but I have already had one experience of putting my health in God's hands.  

Two years ago, I was a closet smoker.  Yeah, how stupid - a diabetic smoking.  I had smoked every since Mom passed away and that was my way of copying in those days.  Over the years I had quit for 20 years but started up again when I traveled.  Long story short, I would sneak them at work but never at home.  Then God sent his special angel (Kathleen - my wife) who has always arrived at the right moments in my life.  God sent her to explain to me that she felt the cigarettes made her feel like I was having an affair and the cigarettes where coming between us.  I had tried gum, lozenges, and Chantix.  Nothing seemed to work.  Then I went to God and said I do not want smoking between my wife and I but I need help.  He took it away for me and even though I have urges, he is always there to keep me strong.

Now that we are ready for the journey, we will get into the research and the path it put me on.  You will learn about some natural products and supplements that really helped.  Many of these are being sold under different names and as miracle cures.  They are, but you do not have to pay the big bucks and fall for tricky advertising.  

God bless you and may your journey be as fruitful as mine,


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