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Monday, September 30, 2013

My Reversal Process

Reversing Diabetes - The Steps I took

Today I did not get a chance to take my vitals as I was running late.
BP at 5:20 108/74 and HR was 55 on my home machine.
I was excited last night as my VA portal had been updated with my September A1C - 6.4!  Down from 8.1 six months ago.

I changed the blog - did not know you had to register - now anyone should be able to add a comment.

I want to thank my cousins for providing their advice on not stopping the BP medicine.  For now, I am going to take it every other day as I take the smallest dosage possible and cannot cut a gel pill in halve.  Thanks for the advice and I have a call into the doctor.

My journey started with some research and the book I really like is:  Diabetes Without Drugs By Suzy Cohen, RPh.  She is a pharmacist who has observed many people going the wrong direction with diabetes and wanted to make a difference.  I ended up buying three books but I would say her 5-Step Program was very good.  However, I did not follow her 5 steps to the letter.

Drugs and supplements before starting the program.

  1. metFORMIN - 500 mg three times daily
  2. GLIMEPIRIDE 2 mg daily
  3. GABAPENTIN 300 mg twice daily (Neuropathy)
  4. HYDROCHLOROTHIAZIDE 12.5 mg daily (high blood pressure)

  1. Standard one a day
  2. 500 mg cinnamon which contained 100 mcg of chromium
  3. 2 baby aspirin daily
  4. 1000 iu D3 twice daily (doctor ordered after March visit)
  5. 5000 mcg biotin daily

  1. Add 600 mcg of Chromium Picolinate - did this for 2 weeks and went to Suzy's first step
  2. Added a green drink in the morning (Dr. Oz's recipe)  
    1. I added Hawaiian Spirulina as Suzy recommended.  This is not for the weak at heart - but it really makes a day start well
    2. I bought the Nutri-Bullet so I could do all of the work and I wanted to retain all of the fibers from the ingredients
  3. 2 week's later as things were going well and I dropped my GLIMEPIRIDE as I was experiencing lows in the 50-60 range once or twice a day.  Doctor had cut back from 4 mg and said we could cut again if I would do better
  4. 4 week's into the program I was having very sore feet and did some research and found out the symptoms I had when I went to the doctor was more related to restless leg syndrome.  I added Magnesium - 400 mg 3 times daily.  The doctor agreed with me as we reviewed again this visit and said when diabetic patients have feet problems - that is the first thing doctor's do - add a drug.  It is hard to truly diagnose neuropathy.  This is a dangerous problem for diabetics and why we lose body parts - I was glad he did not play around.
  5. Two week's later I dropped the GABAPENTIN 
  6. At the same time my blood sugars were dropping still as my weight dropped and I removed 1,000 mg of the metFORMIN and kept my night time pill
  7. A friend of mine introduced me to AKEA Essentials - this mixture of organic food contains 47 little wonder products that helps with improving many body parts.  I added it to my green drink in the morning and add it to my water in the afternoon.
  8. My blood sugars and weight continued to drop - so I dropped the last metFORMIN
  9. That left me with about 3 month's of no drugs when I went to the doctor
    1. My 7 day average was 115 and my 14 day average was 135
    2. Now I found out my A1C was 6.4 - a complete swing from last visit.
  10. 3 weeks ago I added a regular workout into my lifestyle change and anxious to see what that does for me.  I will provide more detail on that later as i get a little bit more experience behind me on that subject.
I still have to monitor closely and hope BS continues to improve.  As I said, I am on a journey and really just getting started.  However, I have hope and know now there are some natural things I can do that really help reduce the medicines.  The exercise and diet are my focus at the moment and constant testing - WOW is testing 3-4 times daily expensive!

In my next blog I will discuss a little what each of these drugs do to us and why they are our best friend and worst enemy.

For now, God bless and again may he help you on your journey.


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