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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Did God Give Me Diabetes

I doubt it; but if he did, then I am thankful

BS - 102 this morning
BP - 11/60 (home machine) - HR - 58
BS at 3:13 - 153 - snacks on gold course - have to stop that.

As usual I want to thank those for reading the blog.  It appears we have about 25 loyal followers that are reading daily.  As I mentioned last week, this is Sunday and will keep this day sacred and talk about how God supports my journey.

I am not one of those that wonder how bad things can happen to good people.  Nor am I one to blame God when it happens.  So how then do I feel about God and his interaction with my life.  I think that can best be explained with the following analogy:

I am driving my car to work and someone pulls out in front of me.  I hit the brakes, swerve to the side, and miss the accident.  I then quickly thank God for missing the accident.

The next week, I am in the same predicament, and this time I am not so lucky - do I then say to God, "Why did you let that happen dude?"  No, I am most likely going to thank him that no one got hurt.

So how do I think this all plays out - well I am no priest but I have my opinions.  I think we can look at the science side of things as well.  We know that Einstein was the best known Genius of all time.  It is also stated he only used 10% of his brain.

So I think in the first accident situation, I was alert and avoided the accident.  By thanking God, I am doing just that, thanking him for keeping me alert that day and avoiding the accident.  I am not thinking he is sitting up there and manipulating my day like that.  If he was, then I would ask him why I have diabetes.  Just like in the second case, it was me asleep at the wheel and did not avoid the accident.  And I am grateful no one was hurt.  Our minds are a wonderful invention and the most rapid computer made.  What goes on in the other 90% of our brain - God?

Why am I thankful

In a small way, I think this is one of my crosses to bear.  As strange as it might seem, having diabetes and then being asked to change by my family has been a blessing.  It has brought me closer to my wife as she once again knows I really care about her and truly do want to spend a lot of more years with her.

My daughter and I have a much better relationship as she was able to get this off her chest and say want she wanted without me getting upset.  And the changes I made was through encouragement of my family.

My son, who has always been worried, can now freely talk about it and the entire family feels like the ugly monster is out in the open and Dad cares and is trying.

I have been able to meet a lot of people who have this disease and provide a ray of hope that we can control our body chemistry though means other than drugs. I have met a lot of good people through the American Diabetes Association that I would not have met otherwise.  Then there is the blog and knowing there are people out there that do not know me but but willing to hear my story.

It is all simply awesome, amazing, and such a treat - that if God did give me diabetes, then I am thankful as it has helped change things in my life and I hope other peoples lives.

God provides hope to the hopeless

I think another blessing from all of this is he provides me hope when things feel like they are hopeless.  I am able to go to him and gain comfort for my feelings, my mood, and my overall mental health.  If I did not have diabetes, I might forget how much I need him to stay strong and that would lessen my relationship and appreciation for him being there to provide hope.

Much like when I needed to quit smoking.  I tried many ways; but, the one way that worked was through him.  I was able to lay it at his feet and when I felt weak, he was there in our relationship to pull me through.

I am not sure how you were when you were younger, but many of us had imaginary friends, or stuffed animals, or security blankets that helped us cope.  If you promise not to laugh, I always thought Roy Rogers was my friend and I could always count on him to be there when I needed him.

I am real confident Roy was never then when I was a kid, but when things appeared to be going against me, he would somehow get me out of the situation.  Was it him; or just me using his mental presence to help me cope.  I knew it back then and know it today - he just provided hope.

God to me is the same way.  I know he is here and ready to help.  When I need the support he is there to give me strength.  Right now, as you can see from my BS this afternoon, I am feeling pretty good about myself.  So I take some chances with my diet - bad move Charlie Brown.  The football is yanked out from my feet and I have fallen flat on my back - but then it is nothing more than a reminder - I am still a diabetic.

So God gives me strength, hope, and wisdom to carry on.

God provides guidance

No matter how I am doing and were I am at in this journey, he helps me stay the course.  He told me I would falter along the way; even sin.  But he being a loving father, does something that my Dad did not do often, he forgives me.  So through this, I am able to forgive myself when I have eaten wrong, as today, and know it is okay.  He will be there for me now, tonight and tomorrow.  He will be there to guide me back on the right path of managing this disease.

He provides a long term out to life that is better than the alternative.  I know that by walking a "Wise Man's" path, I can gain eternal life with him.  I do not think that I am going to die and then nothing more than my body and bones turn to dust and it is over.

I get to move into the light and live a different eternity - one that none of us can explain or comprehend.

All of this provides gratitude for what I have, hope for better things to come; and guidance to walk a good man's path.  Not a bad combination if you ask me.

 This is why I said in the beginning, get a higher power and add them to your support team.  They add a third dimension to this entire battle we rage hourly.

May God grant you all hope, courage, wisdom, and gratitude to deal with your affliction.  May he give you the strength to move always forward in your physical and emotional well being.   And may he put wonderful family members in your life like he has mine.



  1. The love of your wife and children are such a blessing to you. Your faith is made stronger by them and that was probably part of the plan for you Bob.

    Now stop having those bad snacks on the Gold......LOL What is a Gold? Golf associated I am sure.


  2. Marty,

    You are right about the support and love. Getting and email last night from my son encouraging me is a big thing. Yeah - gold is golf. I know I had a crazy weekend - still a lot better than I used to be but still must monitor. Thanks for all your encouraging words as well.



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