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Friday, October 11, 2013

Reversing or Cured?

Have I cured my diabetes?

Evening readings
BS - 93
BP - 124/74 (home machine) - HR 54

I get asked questions and often asked how I cured my diabetes.  Let me say this LOUD AND CLEAR - there is NO CURE FOR DIABETES!  If I come up with a method or process to cure diabetes, then I will not be writing this blog - I will be outselling my magical cure and I will hire someone to write my blog while I sit on a beach.

I have recently joined the American Diabetes Association community and there we can post questions and gain responses.  There are people who can and do mix the terms.  I am not one of them.

Remember in a previous post I mentioned how our body processes sugar (carbohydrates) is the issue, not the sugar.  So my belief would be, I would have to actually change how the chemistry of my body would function to actually create a cure.

I do not want anyone to think the process I went through and going through is a CURE for diabetes.  But I have REVERSED the direction I was heading and how diabetes was controlling my life.  I do not even think you can REVERSE diabetes, although there is much literature out there that touts that as well.  Again, if you can completely reverse if then you "in reality" have cured it and I do not think that will happen in my life time.

So let me review what I mean by reversing or reversed my diabetes - from the top.

Taking drugs to control my blood glucose level:

I used to take prescribed medicines to attempt to keep my blood glucose level between 7.0 and 8.5.  Some of my highest levels were at 9.2 when I was on medication.  These medications do have side effects.  Now that I have found natural products or organic food that also helps control blood glucose levels, I was able to get off medications.  By coming off medications, I think I am also slowing down the effects they were having on my body.  My A1C is running about 6.1 off medications - that is a reversal in my mind.

Eat 3 meals plus 3 snacks:

I used to run on a high / low roller coaster regarding my eating and blood glucose level.  I now eat three meals a day - like most people - and I do not experience lows.  Therefore, I do not have to run around and find something to spike my sugars up.  I am currently experiencing more times in the day when my blood glucose level is between 90 and 110.  That is very normal.  I can also go out and eat food I would have never had before.  Most often after eating I am at 120 when I used to reach spikes in the 200s.  Again, to me this is a reversal of the process.

I have lost 40 pounds:

This is probably the big winner.  By losing 40 pounds my blood glucose is naturally going to come down.  By losing the weight I am going to fell more energetic and  thus allow me to feel like going to exercise more where I am strengthening my body and burning calories and other things that need to be burned out of our bodies.  Going from a couch potato to spending 1-2 hours in the gym each day is definitely a reversal.

So when I say I reversed diabetes, I simply mean I come off my roller coaster ride and I am now enjoying a more "normal"  approach to life.   Do I think it will last forever - nope!  The disease is in me and will not come out or go away.  It is waiting for the day I go to sleep again and not on guard - it will come back like a category 5 hurricane!

So may you see controlling or reversing your diabetes as a temporary and enjoyable state.

May God help you get there as he has me and help you stay the coarse as I prey he will help me.


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