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Sunday, October 13, 2013

God Knows Best

When our higher power helps us

BS - 133 this morning ( I had a very weak moment yesterday at the festival - proves I am still a diabetic)
BP - 107/68 (home machine) - HR - 52

BS - 101 before evening meal
BP - 110/70 (home machine) - HR 65

Since this is Sunday, I am going to try and talk about what God does for me and what he has done for me.  It is to him that I owe for the courage to change and it is he who put my support team together.

There are times however, I get amazed how he helps in a strange way and then it turns out for the best.  

Before getting into my story - I want all of my new support team in the American Diabetes Association (ADA) to know this starts out a little negative towards the ADA - but is the ultimate "God Knows Best" story that has happened to me in a while.  I think it needs to be shared for all of those diabetics who might have been like me.

My father was a diabetic, as I am, and he gave to the ADA as I did in my younger years.  We were a big supporter of the ADA.  Then I was diagnosed with diabetes and started looking into the ADA and how it made its money; and what was it doing with the money I sent or my father sent.  Needless to say, I was not all that impressed and was left with the impression it had a two track mind; low carbohydrate diet and medications.  This just left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

Being the stubborn person I am, after my success I was going to get inside the organization and see how it makes sausage - so to speak.  I was at a Senior Health Fair about a week later and was passing by a booth that was sponsored by the ADA.  I was reminded about my mission to get inside and see what was really in their kitchen.

They were asking people to "Step Out" against diabetes in Nashville and I thought "WOW - here is my chance."  So I immediately joined up and now had my first step to infiltrate the enemy.  God must have been laughing out loud - I do remember hearing thunder that day!

Little did I know I was going to receive an invite to have my own personal web page, make a movie about my step out; but more importantly, I had to join ADA to complete my mission.  I had to give them some information and they found out I had diabetes.  So that lead to some more information on things I could get involved with.  Finally, I found a message board where a lot of diabetics would ask questions and people would respond.

This group is FANTASTIC!  My eyes have been opened to an entirely new world of people struggling with this disease.  Here is an example of the miracle it brings into my life - just when I thought I would not need it.  All of this in less than one week.

Yesterday I reached out to ask a question about the abrasions or sores in my mouth that my dentist says are cancerous cells.  It has been haunting me for a year and I am finally going into the doctor this week to get it checked out.  Anyway, my new support group - provided links to studies on what it might be - leukoplakia.  At least now I have a name and a place to start with my doctor.

Another support member, who is professionally trained, mentioned many of their patients had sores in their mouth that would not heal and there was a mouth wash they prescribed that appeared to help.  Once again, I received some excellent advice.

In my world, I am always amazed at what God does for me.  So as my heart was hardened to something - he opened a door to an entire new world and I have meet some wonderful people who care.  It has added a lot to my little support team.

God bless each of you and try - it has help for everyone.



  1. Good morning Bob! Here is the URL to the Community forums at the ADA site. I hope to see some of your followers join us on their journey with diabetes.


  2. Marty,

    That is my desire. Great information out there for people and a very nice support group


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